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We wish to thank first and foremost, Dr. Hugo Holler who recognised our personal and scientific compatibility

and was instrumental in bringing us together in 1971 at a seminar in Vienna. This meeting established

our collaboration in research. Many people have had inputs and have facilitated the production of this book and we are indebted to all.


Peter Brumby, through his encouragement, firmed our resolve to produce such a book and through

making his staff at ILCA available to us facilitated the production of the preliminary edition. Also involved

heavily in that production were;

Paul Neate who was sensitive in his editing and Sheila Reed and Margaret

Henderson who worked so diligently and accurately to "get it out".


It is important to recognise the help we have had from colleagues once the preliminary edition was

published. John Nolan, Ken Lewis, Rene Sansoucy and Dev. Mahadevan made important technical and

conceptual inputs for which we are extremely grateful.


We are also indebted to our colleagues, fellow researchers and postgraduate students who have made

contributions that are difficult to single out for specific comments. We have drawn extensively on papers

jointly published where it is difficult, even impossible, to "assign" ownership to ideas or concepts. The

large and enthusiastic groups of mostly young researchers that worked with us in a number of countries are

recognised by reference to their work throughout this book.


The final edition relied heavily on the cheerful help of Linda McGarry, Margaret Henderson and Holly

Ainslie. Bill Bennett is to be thanked for his considerable skill in final print setting.

Finally, we are both indebted to our "better halves", Rita and Joanne. Without their support we could

not have achieved our objectives of producing this book.